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The Dynasty of Bzang-la (Zangskar, West-Tibet) and Its Chronology: A Reconsideration
Description to be added.
The Tibetans in the Ordos and North China: Considerations on the Role of the Tibetan Empire in World History
Description to be added.
Some Notes on the Early 'Bri-gung-pa Sgom-pa
Description to be added.
The Development of the Human Embryo According to Tibetan Medicine: The Treatise Written for Alexander Csoma de Kőrös by Sangs-rgyas Phun-tshogs
Description to be added.
Text Structure and Rule Ordering in the First Tibetan Grammatical Treatise
Description to be added.
Researches on Poison, Garuḍa-Birds, and Nāga-Serpents Based on the Sgrub thabs kun btus
Description to be added.
Review of Windisch-Graetz, Stephanie, Himalayan Kingdoms
A review by David Ebbinghouse of Stephanie Windisch-Graetz, Himalayan Kingdoms.
Review of Tsang Nyön Heruka, The Life of Marpa the Translator
A review by Dan Martin of Tsang Nyön Heruka, The Life of Marpa the Translator – Seeing Accomplishes All, translated by the Nālandā Translation Committee under the direction of Chögy...
Manchu Patronage and Tibetan Buddhism During the First Half of the Ch'ing Dynasty
In this article Grupper argues that the monarchs of the nascent Manchu Ch'ing dynasty, particularly Nurhaci and Abahai, involved themselves with Tibetan Buddhist lamas not only as a means for winning ...
Padma Dkar-po on Tantra as Ground, Path and Goal
In this first part of a two-part paper, Broido tries to understand Padma Karpo's (pad ma dkar po) explanation of tantra in general as ground, path and goal (gzhi, lam, 'bras bu) found within his treat...
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