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Bronzes of the Ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Gilgit: A Lecture by Oskar von Hinüber
Video of a lecture on bronzes of the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Gilgit (an important city on the silk road, in the Baltistan region of current Pakistan) by Oskar von Hinüber at the Metropolitan Muse...
The Baltistan Movement: Tibetan History and Identity in the Northern Areas of Pakistan
Description to be added.
Peace and Democracy in South Asia
Peace and Democracy in South Asia is an independent, international, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal of peace and democracy in the region comprised by Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal...
Formerly published under the title Himalayan Research Bulletin, this is an interdisciplinary and international journal of scholarly information regarding Nepal and adjacent Himalayan areas incl...
Portal to Asian internet resources
A Title VI-funded project, the Portal to Asian Internet Resources (PAIR) offers more than six thousand professionally selected, cataloged, and annotated online resources in the humanities and social s...
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