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A Report on Limbi Panchayat, Humla District, Karnali Zone
The article discusses the inhabitants of Limi panchayat, Humla district, Karnali zone, Nepal, and their engagement with the potential development in the area. It is based on fieldwork carried out from...
Report on the University of California Expedition to Kutang and Nubri in Northern Nepal in Autumn 1973
The article reports on the University of California expedition to Kutang and Nubri in northern Nepal in autumn 1973. The expedition's primary aim was the microfilming of Tibetan Buddhist texts. Along ...
Preliminary Notes on the Nature of or Rana Law and Government
The article discusses the laws introduced and implemented during the Rana rule in Nepal. It traces the background of the unification of Nepal and puts light on the political instability during those p...
King Hangshu Dewa and His Minister Wokde
A study of a book in Rong, or Lepcha, script which was gifted to the writer by the owner of the book, Nalengbo of Bam Basti of Kalimpong. The book contains the story of King Hangshu Dewa and his minis...
The Book of Lepcha Belief or Wanism
The article contains a transliteration and translation of a book of Lepcha belief or wanism. (Rajeev Ranjan Singh 2007-01-05)
Cost-Cutting, Caste and Community: A Look at Thakali Social Reform in Pokhara
The article sheds light on the Thakalis' social reform in Pokhara, Nepal. It starts with a survey of Bista's work and many recent articles. Though their population is relatively small, the Thakalis' e...
Newar Buddhist Initiation Rites
The article studies the rites and rituals of Newar Buddhists on which little research has been done. Buddhism as practiced by the Newar community of the Kathmandu valley has several unique features no...
A Brief Survey of Nepal's Trade with British India During the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century
The article briefly surveys Nepal's trade with the British India during the later half of the nineteenth century. The article reveals that there existed no registered trade between the two countries o...
Review of Siegfied Lienhard, Navārīgītimañjarī, Religious and Secular Poetry of the Nevars of the Kathmandu Valley
This is a review by A. W. Macdonald of Siegfied Lienhard, Navārīgītimañjarī, Religious and Secular Poetry of the Nevars of the Kathmandu Valley.
Review of A. Patricia Caplan, Priests and Cobblers
This is a review by D. R. Dahal of A. Patricia Caplan, Priests and Cobblers: Social Change in a Hindu Village in Western Nepal (San Francisco: Chandler, 1972).
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