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Early Temples of Central Tibet
A descriptive survey of some of the earliest temples from Central Tibet. Has chapters on Kachu, Yemar to Drathang, Lhasa Jokhan, Shalu Serkhang, and Riwoche Stupa.
西藏自治区第四次人口普查手工汇总资料 (Xizang Zizhiqu di si ci ren kou pu cha shou gong hui zong zi liao)
A census report for the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The book provides population statistics for prefectures, districts, and townships within all areas of the TAR, and also to sub-township level (zhu we...
西藏地名资料简编 (Xizang di ming zi liao jian bian)
A place name directory for the Tibet Autonomous Region. Entries are listed under sections corresponding to the district and county in which they exist. The entries provide the Chinese name, the featur...
西藏自治区地名志 (Xizang Zizhiqu di ming zhi)
A large, two-volume place name gazetteer covering the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The entries are arranged in sections according to the administrative unit they fall under: district, county, and townsh...
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