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The Mythology of the Tharu: Aspects of Cultural Identity in Dang, West Nepal
Description to be added.
Gurung Music and Cultural Identity
Description to be added.
Image, Status and Association: Aspects of Identity among Newar Gods and Men
Description to be added.
Some Background Notes on Gurung Identity in a Period of Rapid Change
Description to be added.
Note on the Language, Literature and Cultural Identity of the Tamang
An attempt to sort the confusing materials and redirect attention to Tamang traditions about their own past. (Mark Turin 2004-06-18)
Reflections of Political Change in Modern Nepali Literature
A look at Nepali literature as a reflection of political changes from the 19th to the 20th century, representing the mainstream intellectual culture of the kingdom. (Mark Turin 2004-06-18)
Love and Marriage in Modern Nepali Literature
An examination of the way in which Nepali writers have treated the subject of marriage in a society where marital and familial relations are the most important in one's life. (Mark Turin 2004-06-18)
The Role of the Nepali Language in Establishing the National Unity and Identity of Nepal
A discussion of the role of the Nepali language in establishing and fostering national unity and identity in Nepal. (Mark Turin 2004-06-16)
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