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The Tibetan Photo Project
This website features several galleries of photographs taken by Tibetan monks. The subject matter is largely everyday activities and life in the monastery, yet also documents major events such as grad...
Tibet information network
Tibet Information Network (TIN) is the only independent, comprehensive news and research service in the world specialising in Tibet. TIN monitors and reports on the political, social, economic, enviro...
The Center for Research on Tibet
The Center for Research on Tibet is located at Case Western Reserve University. Its co-directors are Melvyn Goldstein and Cynthia Beall. (Steven Weinberger, 2011-09-23)
Thesaurus literaturae buddhicae
Creator’s Description: The TLB project aims to make accessible on the Internet original Buddhist texts in Sanskrit with translations into Chinese, Tibetan, and English. The texts are structu...
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