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Some Further Reflections on Kar gling Zhi khro: A Study of Sources Referred to in Dan Martin's Review of Kar gling Zhi khro: A Tantric Buddhist Concept
Description to be added.
A Note on the Tun-Huang Manuscript (PT.1045) on Signs of Ravens' Voice
Description to be added.
Rejoinder to Jeffrey Hopkins
This article is a respone by Alex Wayman to Jeffrey Hopkin's piece 'Reply to Alex Wayman's Review of The Yoga of Tibet' printed in volume 5 of The Journal of the Tibet Society. The original review of ...
A Propos de Mme Ariane Macdonald, "Une Lecture des P. T. 1286, 1287, 1038, 1047 et 1290. Essai sur la Formation et l'Emploi des Mythes Politiques dans la Religion Royale de Sroṅ-bcan Sgam-po" (Etudes Tibétaines Dédiées à la Mémoire de Marcelle Lalou, (Paris, 1971, pp. 190-391).
Description to be added.
Dgra-lha: a Re-examination
In this brief communication Gibson investigates the Tibetan term dgra lha, which commonly refers to a particular type of deity. He argues that the term may actually have its roots in another te...
Reply to Alex Wayman's Review of The Yoga of Tibet
This piece is a response to a review by Alex Wayman, 'Review of J. Hopkins, The Yoga of Tibet. The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra – 2 and 3, by Tsong-ka-pa,' which was published in volume ...
The 1413 Ming Embassy to Tsong-kha-pa and the Arrival of Byams-chen Chos-rje Shākya Ye-shes at the Ming Court
This brief article traces a Ming mission to Tibet and Nepal in 1413 by looking at several primary sources. During the mission, the envoy, Hou Hsien, had audience with Tsongkhapa (tsong kha pa), in res...
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