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Buddhist monks as community health workers in Thailand
In Thailand, Buddhist monks and temples are scattered throughout the country even in the rural poor. There are approximately one temple and four monks for every two villages of about 1000 people. If B...
Science for monks
This website features an education initiative designed to introduce Tibetan monks to the fundamentals of science, particularly in the fields of physics, math, and genetics. The program organizes annua...
rgyal ba kaH thog pa'i lo rgyus mdor bsdus
Katok Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in eastern Tibet (khams; Baiyu County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province). Founded in 1159 by Ka Dampa Deshek (kaH dam pa bde gsheg...
Die Ausbildung Buddhistischer Mönche in Tibet
Article discusses the process of training Tibetan Buddhist monks. (Mark Premo-Hopkins, 2004-01-21)
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