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Tibetan Buddhism and the resolution of grief : the bardo-thodol for the dying and the grieving
This article is a contribution to the cross-cultural study of grief. The Bardo-thodol (sometimes translated the Tibetan Book of the Dead) and the ritual associated with it provides a way to understand...
Self and liberation : the Jung-Buddhism dialogue
This book is a comprehensive analysis and overview of psychologist Carl Jung's ideas and commentaries on Buddhism. Provided here are all four of his main essays on Zen and Tibetan Buddhism and psychol...
Tibetan Buddhism and Jungian Psychology
Description to be added.
Probleme einer Neubearbeitung buddhistischer des Bar-do-thos-grol
Article looks at problems that might arise in attempts to revise the Bardo Tödröl ("Tibetan Book of the Dead"). (Mark Premo-Hopkins, 2004-01-16)
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