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A Pilgrim's Guide to the Hidden Land of Sikkim Proclaimed as a Treasure by Rig 'dzin rgod kyi ldem 'phru can
This is an English translation of the treasure text (gter ma) Rdo rje nyi ma’i gnas yig gsang ba’i dkar chag. The text gives fantastic accounts of the creation of the sacred sites in...
Ngag Mang Institute for Tantric Studies
The Ngag Mang Institute for the preservation, promotion, and study of lay tantric traditions is an exciting educational institute based in Amdo (Xining, Qinghai Province). (Jann Ronis 2003-11-10)
The Legend of the Great Stupa Jarungkhashor in Nepal
This is a complete translation of a treasure text about Bya-rung Kha shor. Originally published in The Legend of the Great Stupa and The Life Story of the Lotus Born Guru (Berkeley: The Tibetan Nyingm...
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