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Amnye Machen Institute
The Amnye Machen Institute (AMI) has begun a movement towards addressing the imbalances and limitations in the intellectual, social and cultural life of the Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet. Th...
"Buddhism in Tibet" by Emil Schlagintweit, LL.D. (1863)
The entire text of a mid-nineteenth century work on Tibetan Buddhism. Despite the sketchy knowledge of Buddhism in Europe at the time, this has a surprising level of detail about the subject, due to t...
Photo Gallery of Nyingma Lamas
The photo gallery index to the homepage of the Aroter Community. Contains many photographs of famous and anonymous lamas from the first half of the twentieth century that are of great historical value...
Ngag Mang Institute for Tantric Studies
The Ngag Mang Institute for the preservation, promotion, and study of lay tantric traditions is an exciting educational institute based in Amdo (Xining, Qinghai Province). (Jann Ronis 2003-11-10)
Index to Articles in the K'ang-tsang Yen-chiu Yüeh-K'an (a Contribution to the Bibliography of Tibet)
An index of articles in the Chinese Tibetological magazine K'ang-tsang Yen-chiu Yüeh-K'an or "Hsik'ang-Tibet Research Monthly" published in China from 1946 to 1949. This periodical cover...
Tsering Art School
The Shechen Institute of Traditional Tibetan Art, ‘Tsering Art School,’ was built under the direction of Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche, with the generous support of the Dutch government and a private do...
Tibetan Divination
Informative and lengthy essay about different methods of divination practiced in Tibetan society.
Western language bibliography of death and dying
Comprehensive bibliography on death and dying in Buddhist countries, including Tibet.
Dzogchen Monastery in India
The official website of Dzogchen Monastery in India, the twin of the original monastery in eastern Tibet. One of the more informative elements of the site is the clear layout of the three inter-relate...
Dzogchen Monastery in Eastern Tibet
A thorough profile of Dzokchen Monastery in eastern Tibet produced by a reincarnate lama from the monastery. The history of the institution (founded in 1685) is one of the best such accounts of any Ti...
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