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Notes on Csoma de Kőrös's Translation of a Tibetan Passport
Description to be added.
The Geography of Tibet According to the ’Dzam-gling-rgyas-bshad
Description to be added.
The Tibetan Tradition of Geography
Description to be added.
Dating the Tibetan geography 'dzam-gling-rgyas-bshad through its description of the western hemispehre.'
Needs description. (Mark Premo-Hopkins 2004-09-15)
Lama Tribute in the Ming Dynasty
The article looks at specifically at Lama tribute during the Ming dynasty to measure the validity of some scholars' opinions that Tibet was a Chinese vassal state during the time. (Mark Premo-Hopkins...
Biographical Notes on Phyag-na rdo-rje (1239-1267) (abstract)
An abstract for a larger article, this source discusses the lack of biographical information available for Tibetan lay people. This lack results from the fact that Tibetan historiography deals primar...
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