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The Role of Incarnate Lamas in Buddhist Tradition: A Brief Survey of Bakula Rinpoche's Previous Incarnations
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Alexander Csoma De Körös in Ladakh
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Ladakh's Relations with other Himalayan Kingdoms
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The Revival of Buddhism in Modern Ladakh
This article looks at the effects that the Dogra invasions of Ladakh had on the Buddhist religion in the region. After outlining the difficulties associated with Ladakh's loss of political autonomy, ...
A Survey of the Spread of Buddhadharma in Ladakh
The article traces the spread of Buddhadharma into the region of India known as Ladakh. Ladakh, while part of geographic India is a living repository of Tibetan religious and cultural life. (Mark Pre...
Ladakhi Folk Songs
The text examines the importance of folk songs in the Ladakh region of the Indian Himalayas. Handed down through oral tradition, these songs are integral parts of social and cultural events such as b...
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