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Bon Rock Paintings at gNam mtsho: Glimpses of the Ancient Religion of Northern Tibet
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Antiquities of Northern Tibet: Archaeological Discoveries on the High Plateau
This book begins with a comprehensive introduction to the pre-Buddhist culture, people, and environment of Tibet. Particular attntion is paid to why pre-historic man chose to permanently reside in one...
A Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Da rog mtsho
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Notes on Three Series of Unusual Symbols Discovered on the Byang thang
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Antiquities of Zhang Zhung: A Comprehensive Inventory of Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Monuments on the Tibetan Upland
This book examines 400+ ancient monuments and rock art sites of upper Tibet discovered by John Vincent Bellezza. It is divided into two volumes: residential monuments and ceremonial monuments. The su...
Doring Revisited
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Gods, Hunting and Society: Animals in the Ancient Cave Paintings of Celestial Lake in Northern Tibet
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Antiquities of Upper Tibet: An Inventory of Pre-Buddhist Archaeological Sites on the High Plateau
This book examines a host of ancient monuments and rock art sites discovered by John Vincent Bellezza during his Upper Tibet Circumnavigation Expedition conducted in 2000. Adding significantly to his ...
Territorial Characteristics of the Archaic Zhang-zhung Paleocultural Entity: A Comparative Analysis of Archaeological Evidence and Popular Bon Literary Sources
In this paper, the author delineates the territorial extent of the pre-Buddhist paleocultural zone traditionally known as Zhang-zhung, by examining the geographic distribution of its monumental remain...
Divine Dyads: Ancient Civilization in Tibet
This study covers the cultural and religious history of two sets of mountains and lakes which have a sacred significance to the nomad communities in northern Tibet, the area known as the 'Byang Thang'...
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