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Tibetan Buddhism at Wutai Shan in the Qing: The Chinese-language Register
Creator's Description: In contrast to the few anti-Tibetan Buddhist statements preserved in the Confucian-dominated historiography of the Qing court, this essay demonstrates the generosity and ...
Interview with Pema Bhum: Tibetan Literature and the Latse Tibetan Library
Description to be added.
A Tibetan Buddhist Mission to the East: The Fifth Dalai Lama’s Journey to Beijing, 1652-1653
Description to be added.
Review of Fabienne Jagou, Le 9e Panchen Lama (1883-1937): Enjeu des relations Sino-Tibetaines
Gray Tuttle provides an in-depth review of Fabienne Jagou’s Le 9e Panchen Lama (1883-1937): Enjeu des relations Sino-Tibetaines. (Ben Deitle 2006-08-01)
Tibetan Buddhism at Ri bo rtse lnga/Wutai shan in Modern Times
Creator’s Description: This article examines the prominent role of Tibetan Buddhism at the major cult center of Mañjusrī known as Ri bo rtse lnga or Wutai shan (sometimes spelled “Wutaish...
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