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Révitalisation d'un lieu-saint bouddhique: les grottes de Halase-Maratika, Népal oriental (District de Khotang)
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The Blue Lake of A mdo and Its Island: Legends and Pilgrimage Guide
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Qui est Khri ka'i yul Iha? Dieu tibétain du terroir, dieu chinois de la littérature ou de la guerre? Un problème d'identité divine en A mdo
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Introduction [to Territory and Identity in Tibet and the Himalayas]
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Questions soulevées par la restauration de bSam yas
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Anne-Marie Blondeau
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Pilgrimage and Incest: The Case of Chorten Nyima (mchod rten nyi ma) on the Tibeto-Sikkimese Border
This article deals with a famous pilgrimage site, Chöten nyima (mchod rten nyi ma), near the border of Tibet and Sikkim known to purify misdeeds, especially those of incest and parricide. The author ...
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