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The Dharma's Gatekeepers: Sakya Pandita on Buddhist Scholarship in Tibet
The Dharma’s Gatekeepers offers an incisive analysis of one of the most important works in Tibetan Buddhist intellectual history: Sakya Pandita’s Gateway to Learning (Mkhas pa ’jug pa’i sgo). ...
The Classical Tibetan Language
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Recognizing Reality: Dharmakīrti’s Philosophy and Its Tibetan Interpretations
Description to be added.
Lord of the Dance: The Mani Rimdu Festival in Tibet and Nepal
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Buddhism and Language: A Study of Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism
Description to be added.
Scholasticism: Cross Cultural and Comparative Perspectives
Description to be added.
Visions of Unity: The Golden Pandita Shakya Chokden’s New Interpretation of Yogācāra and Madhyamaka
Creator’s Description: This book focuses on the novel interpretation of Yogācāra and Madhyamaka by the controversial Tibetan thinker Shakya Chokden. It explores his thought within the broa...
Path to the Middle: Oral Madhyamika Philosophy in Tibet
Description to be added.
Tibetan Gothic: Panofsky’s Thesis in the Tibetan Cultural Milieu
Description to be added.
Popular Buddhist Texts from Nepal: Narratives and Rituals of Newar Buddhism
Description to be added.
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