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A Study in Revenue Collection System in Nepal: 1846-1923
The article is a study in revenue collection systems in Nepal in the period from 1846 to 1923. The author raises the issue that there existed a very complex tax assessment system in Nepal during the p...
Sāhitya, Saṅgīt ra Kalāprati Pratāpamallako Jhukāv
The article describes the keen interest of King Pratap Malla of Nepal in the fields of literature, art, and music. The article traces the academic background of King Pratap Malla. The article puts for...
Review of Krishna Kant Adhikari, A Brief Survey of Nepali Historiography, 1980
This is a review by Prayag Raj Sharma of Krishna Kant Adhikari, A Brief Survey of Nepali Historiography.
Review of Kamal P. Malla, Classical Newari Literature: A Sketch, 1982
This is a review by Ian Alsop of Kamal P. Malla, Classical Newari Literature a Sketch.
Ages at Menopause and Menarche in a High Altitude Himalayan Population
The article explores information on age at menopause and menarche, and the relationship between the two, in a high altitude Himalayan population. The study is based on the population of Upper Chumik, ...
Contraceptive Use and its Determinants in a Semi-Urban Community: An Experience from Mahankal Panchayat
The article discusses contraceptive use and its determinants in a sub-urban community. The study area is the Mahankal panchayat, which is one of the 33 panchayats of the Kathmandu district located in ...
Review of Vijayakant Mishra, Cultural Heritage of Mithila
This is a review by Ramawatar Yadav of Vijayakant Mishra, Cultural Heritage of Mithila.
Social Structure, Fertility and the Value of Children in Northwestern Nepal
The author argues that accounts of fertility variations across cultures increasingly have come to be formulated in terms of the relative value of children to their parents. This value has been examine...
Textual Structure in English and How the Nepali Learners Handle It
The article discusses textual structure and how Nepali learners handle it. The article first defines "text" with reference to different scholars and distinguishes textual structure from the study of g...
Nepali Culture and Society: A Historical Perspective
The article discusses Nepali culture and society from a historical perspective. The cultural practices of Nepal are essentially of the Hindu and Buddhist derivation finding expressions in the numerous...
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