Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Samlo Apartment Compound
(bsam lo spyi khang)

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Images of Samlo Apartment Compound

THL Reference Number: s065

College Affiliation: J (byes)

Regional House Affiliation: (bsam lo)

This is one of the three existing apartment buildings that belong to Samlo Regional House (bsam lo khang tshan). The only part still standing is a long, two-story building, is located just opposite the main regional house (khang tshan) compound. It has a tunnel/passageway in its center that allows one to pass from the main Samlo compound to the Samlo st?pa. At one time there was another wing of monastic rooms that intersected this long building at its southernmost point. This may have been just another wing of rooms around what was once a large central courtyard that housed the st?pa. These monastic quarters, and any others that might have existed, have now been destroyed.


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