Sera Monastery

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Panoramas of Sera Monastery in Tibet

Metsa Apartment Building
(smad tsha spyi khang)

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Images of Metsa Apartment Building

THL Reference Number: s013

College Affiliation: M (smad)

Regional House Affiliation: Metsa (smad tsha)

This is a large, three-story apartment house (spyi khang) belonging to the Metsa Regional House (smad tsha khang tshan), one of the largest regional houses of Sera M (se ra smad). In 2002 it was in the final stages of being restored. Typical of apartment buildings, it contains individual monks rooms, with access along interior corridors. Today an outer perimeter wall does not enclose it, although it may have been part of a larger compound in the past. Before 1959 it housed many monks of the Tantric College (sngags pa grwa tshang) of Sera, given that the latter did not have its own dormitory facilities.


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