Sera Monastery

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(phur bu lcog)

Images Description of Purbuchok

  • THL Reference Number: f2420
  • Sectarian Affiliation: dge lugs
  • Alternative Name(s): phur lcog (Phurchok), rigs gsum byang chub gling (Riksum Jangchub Ling)
  • Type of Hermitage: Monks' hermitage
  • Level of Activity: Active
  • Original/Mythical Founder:
  • Geluk Founder: sgrub khang dge legs rgya mtsho, and his student phur lcog I, ngag dbang byams pa
  • Mythical/Original Founding Date: 1705
  • Date of Founding as a Geluk Institution: 1705
  • Number of Monks/Nuns in 1959: 100+
  • Number of Monks/Nuns Today: 38
  • Present Abbot or Head: None. Several middle-aged monks are in charge of the administration.

Images of Purbuchok