General Instructions For Sera Hermitages Map

  1. Access Sera Hermitages by clicking an orange dot on the map, or choosing from the Hermitage Quick Links menu. A map specific to that hermitage will appear on the left, while information and images associated with the hermitage will replace these instructions.
  2. You may click on any yellow-highlighted building or other feature on the resulting hermitage map for pictures and information specific to the building.
  3. Click any individual image for blow-up and further information. Use "Back to Previous Page" link at bottom of image to return to the hermitage's or building's image collection.

Map Controls

  1. Use + and - to zoom in or pull back; arrows for lateral motion.
  2. The "R" button resets the altitude of the view.
  3. 3. To restart the map completely (and see these instructions again), click "Main Map" in the upper left map frame.

Helpful Hint: Press F11 to switch your browser to fullscreen mode on smaller monitors.