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The Space of Sera (Se ra’i khor yug)
by José Ignacio Cabezón
January 30, 2006
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Freestanding Buildings

A variety of freestanding buildings are also found at SeraSe ra. Before 1959, these were few in number: the printing house (parkhangpar khang), the stables (tararta ra), the Samlo Stupa (Samlo Chörtenbsam lo mchod rten), and possibly some storerooms and clay tablet repositories (tsatsakhangtsa tsa khang). Today, in addition to these, there are a variety of other freestanding buildings: a classroom building (dzindra tsoksa’dzin grwa tshogs sa), several individual monks’ residences (khangpakhang pa), a museum (dremtönkhang’grems ston khang), a restaurant (zakhangza khang) with an infirmary (menkhangsman khang) above it, a tangkathang ka display building (from the top of which the giant painting of Maitreya is unfurled once a year during the ZhotönZho ston Festival), a new stupa, and a ticket booth (where foreign tourists must buy their admission’s tickets for entry into the monastery).

The Space of Sera (se ra'i khor yug), by José Ignacio Cabezón