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Geshé Rabten: The Life of a Sera Monk
by José Ignacio Cabezón
January 30, 2006
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Extended WyliePhoneticsSanskritDateType
 amītābha  Buddhist deity 
 buddha Śākyamuni  Buddhist deity 
 maitreya buddha  Buddhist deity 
 mañjuśrī  Buddhist deity 
 tārā  Buddhist deity 
 vajradākinī  Buddhist deity 
 vajrasattva  Buddhist deity 
 yamāntaka  Buddhist deity 
dge bshes rab brtan Geshé Rabten 1920-1987 Person 
 āryadeva  Person 
 dignāga  Person 
 gunaprabhā  Person 
 nāgārjuna  Person 
 śāntideva  Person 
 vasubandhu  Person 
byes   Monastery 
se ra Sera  Monastery 
khams Kham  Place 
dge bshes geshé  Term 
dge bshes lha ram pa geshé lharampa  Term 
Geshe Rabten: The Life of a Sera Monk, by José Ignacio Cabezón

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Initial Training in Sera
  3. Monastic Life and Education
  4. Training as an Elder Monk
  5. Glossary
  6. Notes
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