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Takten Hermitage
by José Ignacio Cabezón
January 30, 2006
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The famous GelukpaDge lugs pa scholar/yogi Ensapa Lozang DöndrupDben sa pa blo bzang don grub (1504/5-1565/6)4 lived in a cave at the site at some point in his life. And, as has been mentioned, Pabongkha Dechen NyingpoPha bong kha bde chen snying po also lived at TaktenRtags bstan for a period of time in the 1930s with some of his students. But apart from these few facts, we can say little about TaktenRtags bstan at this point in time.

The hermitage was a monk’s institution before 1959, and (since the 1930s at least) belonged to the Pabongkha Lama’s estate (Pabongkha LabrangPha bong kha bla brang). Today, only GelukpaDge lugs pa nuns live at the site, and it is they who are responsible for any restoration that has been done to the hermitage. TaktenRtags bstan today has a strong connection with Trashi ChölingBkra shis chos gling, the other hermitage that has traditionally belonged to the Pabongkha Lama’s estate.

Bundled up on a cold day, a TaktenRtags bstan nun makes multiple “water-bowl offerings” as a way of accumulating merit.

[4] For a biography of EnsapaDben sa pa, see Janice D. Willis, Enlightened Beings: Life Stories from the Ganden Oral Tradition (Boston: Wisdom Publications, 1995), 51-70.
Takten Hermitage , by José Ignacio Cabezón

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