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Rakhadrak Hermitage (Rakhadrak RitröRa kha brag ri khrod)
by José Ignacio Cabezón
April 29, 2006

Location and Layout

A view of the RakhadrakRa kha brag upper temple compound (above) as viewed from the cave compound. In the foreground is a monk’s hut that is a part of the cave compound.
A view of the lower complex of buildings from the upper temple compound. On the left, the building that used to contain monastic residences; in the middle, a small kitchen; and on the right the three-cave compound that contains the caves of TsongkhapaTsong kha pa (1357-1419) and his two disciples. LhasaLha sa can be seen in the distance.

Rakhadrak Hermitage (Rakhadrak RitröRa kha brag ri khrod) is located northeast of (and one ridge over from) SeraSe ra. It takes about forty-five minutes to walk from SeraSe ra to the hermitage (ritröri khrod). RakhadrakRa kha brag is also just a ten-minute walk up the mountain from Keutsang Hermitage (Keutsang RitröKe’u tshang ri khrod). Like KeutsangKe’u tshang, it is one of the hermitages on the “Sixth-Month Fourth-Day” (Drukpa TsezhiDrug pa tshe bzhi) pilgrimage circuit. (To see images of this pilgrimage taken in 2002, please click here.)

The site is divided into two parts. In the lower portion, one finds a compound, which is the site of the caves of TsongkhapaTsong kha pa (1357-1419), GyeltsapjéRgyal tshab rje (1364-1432) and KedrupjéMkhas grub rje (1385-1438). It is also the site of a small hut that belonged to Jamchen ChöjéByams chen chos rje (1354-1435), the founder of SeraSe ra, where the latter is said to have begun the tradition of the the Ganden Feast of the 25th (Ganden NgamchöDga’ ldan lnga mchod) commemoration of the death-date of TsongkhapaTsong kha pa. East of this compound, there is a small kitchen and a large building that before 1959 appears to have served as monastic living quarters.

The cave compound, where the caves of TsongkhapaTsong kha pa and his two disciples are found.
The entrance to the upper temple compound.

Farther uphill from (north of) the cave compound there is another compound that contains the main temple, a kitchen, a lamabla ma’s residence, rooms for visiting SeraSe ra monks, and a temple to TsongkhapaTsong kha pa where thousands of small pressed-clay tablets (tsatsatsa tsa) of TsongkhapaTsong kha pa are housed.

Rakhadrak Hermitage , by José Ignacio Cabezón

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