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A Survey of Bonpo Monasteries
by Dondrup Lhagyal, Phuntso Tsering Sharyul, Tsering Thar, Charles Ramble and Marietta Kind
Edited by Samten G. Karmay and Yasuhiko Nagano
National Museum of Ethnology and THL
Reproduced with permission from the authors
under the THL Digital Text License.

Terms of governing system and duties in monasteries

dkon gnyer see dkor gnyer

dkor gnyer, caretaker, keeper, custodian, performing the bsang ceremony, and making general announcements

sku tshab, often assistant of spyi ba (q.v.)

bskang ’don see a mchoda

khang gnyer see dkor gnyer

khang tshan dge rgan, hostel chief

khri pa, ‘one who holds the throne’, monks of special status within a monastery who act as the head of the monastery in rotation

khri pa bla ma, the monastic who holds the throne for a limited period

khri ’dzin, “throne holder”, abbot

mkhan po, abbot, rector

grwa dpon, a leader of a particular group of monks

grwa tshang spyi gnyer, treasurer of a monastery

grwa tshang bla ma, a monk who holds much the same position as that of khri pa bla ma

dge skos, disciplinarian

dge rgan, senior monk, teacher, chief of a hostel, cf. khang tshan dge rgan

dge g-yog, assistant disciplinarian

dgon bdag, head of a monastery, often hereditary

mgon khang bla ma, chaplain, cf. a mchod

mgon bla, contraction of mgon khang bla ma (q.v.)

mgron gnyer, steward

’go bdag bla ma, one who replaces the head of a monastery and performs the rituals in his absence

rgan pa, ‘senior’, a term sometimes used for gnyer pa, treasurer

rgyal tshab, apostle, successor of a previous head of an establishment

rgyal tshab bla ma see rgyal tshab

rgyu gnyer see gnyer pa

rgyun gnyer, store-keeper

sgrub bla, head of a particular establishment within a monastery

dngul gnyer see gnyer pa

dngul bdag see gnyer pa

chang ma, beer-dispenser

chu len, novices who fetch water in a monastery

chos khrims pa, proctor

mchod gnyer see mchod dpon

mchod dpon, sacristan

mchod g-yog, assistant sacristan

’cham gnyer, the monastic in charge of the ’cham dance

’cham dpon see ’cham gnyer

ja gnyer, assistant cook

ja mar, secondary cook

ja g-yog, one who washes dishes, cleans kitchen and tends fire

jo mo bla ma, nuns’ priest

gnyer pa, treasurer, often responsible for monastery’s upkeep, steward, manager

gnyer ma, often assistant of gnyer pa (q.v.)

dung ’bud, novice in charge of the call of assembly by blowing the conch shell

do dam pa, superintendent

drung yig, secretary

gdung ’dzin, successor in a hereditary line

bdag gnyer, caretaker, cf. dkor gnyer

spyi khyab, general controller, cf. do dam pa

spyi gso, accountant

dpe khrid, teacher

dpon slob, chief teacher

spyi gnye, general treasurer

spyi phyag, general treasurer

spyi ba, treasurer, manager, one who oversees expenses for religious festivals, and collects offerings, their investment and the use of the resulting profit

spyi dbu bla ma, community head bla ma (q.v.)

sprul sku, reincarnated lama, either the head of a monastery or occupies a special position in a monastery

phan tshun che mo, supervisor of political and economic matters

phyag mdzod, treasurer, often that of abbot’s residence

bon slob, chief teacher, cf. dpon slob

byang ’dren, chief chanter, cf. dbu mdzad

bla brang gnyer pa, treasurer of abbot’s residence

bla ma, head of either a monastery or an establishment within a monastery

bla ma’i gnyer pa, treasurer of the head bla ma in a monastery

dbu skyor, assistant of dbu mdzad (q.v.)

dbu mkhyen, chanter, cf. dbu mdzad

dbu bla, head of a monastery; chaplain of a local chief

dbu mdzad, chief chanter, chief of chorus, choir-master, precentor

dbu g-yog, assistant of the chief chanter

dbon po, an administrator of a monastery and its estates often connected with a hereditary line of the head of a monastery

dbyar bdag, leader of the dbyar gnas ritual

’bud pa, musician

mar chen, chef

rtsis pa, accountant

tshang dpon, chef, one who tends fire

zla dag gnyer pa, assistant of a manager

yig mkhan, secretary, copyist

yongs ’dzin, teacher, tutor, supervisor

g-yung drung slob dpon, supreme master

las sne, monastic official, one who deals with the organization of religious services (zhabs brtan)

las pa, attendant

shog dpon, person dealing with the affairs of a subdivision within a monastery

bsang gtong, person dealing with the performance of the bsang ceremony

slob dpon, chief teacher

gser khri, literally “gold throne”, term applied to a monk either elected often by secret lot or appointed by the general assembly to occupy the monastic throne

gsol kha ba see a mchod

lha gnyer see a mchod

a mchod, chaplain, a monk in charge of daily services in the sgrub khang


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Dondrup Lhagyal, Phuntso Tsering Sharyul, Tsering Thar, Charles Ramble, and Marietta Kind, A Survey of Bonpo Monasteries and Temples in Tibet and the Himalaya (Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology, 2003), .

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Dondrup Lhagyal, Phuntso Tsering Sharyul, Tsering Thar, Charles Ramble, and Marietta Kind. A Survey of Bonpo Monasteries and Temples in Tibet and the Himalaya. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology, 2003.