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Accommodations in Lhagang

Overview of Accommodations

Lhagang has a wide variety of accommodations ranging from quaint and minimalist guesthouses to more modern style hotel rooms replete with hot showers and private baths. Like all of China and Tibet, Lhagang is changing fast. While still a very small town, every year brings more travelers to the area. In response, the number and types of accommodations available is increasing steadily. In the recent past, this has meant the arrival of some welcome amenities such as internet, heating, and even access to a washing machines.

Having said that, as comfortable as Lhagang can be, Lhagang is still very much a rural town. Don’t be surprised to encounter power outages, failed plumbing, or – depending on where you stay – rodents at your hotel or guesthouse. While these experiences should become increasingly rare in the coming years, they remain part of adventure of traveling in Tibet.

Deciding where to stay in Lhagang is a matter of preference. If you are coming from Chengdu or Dartsedo, there are numerous people who can help arrange your stay in Lhagang, however most travelers simply find a hotel or guesthouse on their own shortly after arriving in town. Again, Lhagang is small so finding your way around is easy. Expect prices to ranges from about 20 RMB for a simple bed to 200 RMB for a comfortable hotel room with cable TV and a private bath.

Tip: Upon arriving in Lhagang by bus or van, you’ll likely be in the main square that sits in front of Lhagang monastery. In summer local guesthouse owners wait here for travelers like you and will immediately offer for you to stay at their guesthouses. From experience, these are fine places to stay with exceedingly gracious and helpful (if not somewhat earnest!) hosts. Having said that, you should not feel pressure to stay with them. Signs for hotels are easy to identify and unless it is a special vacation week in China (typically the first week of May and October), most hotels and guesthouses have vacancies.

Directory of Accommodations

If you would like to get a better sense of the accommodations before you arrive, please take a look at the directory of hotels.

Hotel Listings for Ba Lhagang

Jya Drolma and Gayla’s Guesthouse

Name (Tibetan): དགེ་ལེགས་མགྲོན་ཁང་།
Name (English): Jya Drolma and Gayla’s Guesthouse
Description (English): Tibetan style guesthouse just off the main square.
Room Description (English): 9 rooms, 30+ beds total. 1 single, 4 doubles, 4 triples, 1 room with 5 beds, 1 room with 7 beds.
Shower: Yes, shared.
Toilet: Yes (2), shared.
Restaurant? No, however will serve a bowl of thukpa at night (1RMB), plus tsampa and yogurt.
Amenities: Television, common meeting/living room, internet.
Other: “We are more of a guesthouse than a hotel. Like your own home, you can be comfortable, watch TV in the common room at night and then head back to your own room when you are tired.” “You only pay for the room. In return, we help you find the interesting places in Lhagang, can assist you in renting a car, and carrying your bags.” Will also assist in catching a bus to places north and south (Bamei, Ganzde, Kangding etc.) in the morning. “More Westerners come to our guesthouse than any other place in Lhagang. We do our best to make sure you are happy here.”
Open all year? Yes
Closed in the evening? No specified time.
Price: 20RMB/bed though more during the Chinese holiday.
Directions: Entrance is in the left, back corner of the square in front of Lhagang monastery. There is a large sign in English that reads “Jya Drolma and Gayla’s Guesthouse.”
Contact Person: Jya Drolma
Languages: Chinese, Tibetan, basic English
Phone number: (0836) 286 6056

Kan ba Peace Hotel

Name (Tibetan): ཞི་བདེ་མགྲོན་ཁང་།
Name (English): Kan ba Peace Hotel
Name (Chinese): 康巴和平宾馆 Kangba Heping Binguan
Description (English): Hotel run by a Tibetan couple. Presently under construction which is scheduled to be finished in the late summer of 2007. Modern style double and dorm-style rooms on 3rd and 4th floors. Building also hosts tea house, a restaurant, and several internet-enabled computers.
Room Description (English): After rennovation, the third floor will have fully featured double rooms with full baths, televisions, etc. Fourth floor will host dorm style rooms with shared restroom facilities.
Shower: Yes, private and shared.
Toilet: Yes, private and shared.
Restaurant? Yes - Chinese and Tibetan food.
Amenities: Internet on second floor near the dining area.
Other: The owners would like to give a warm welcome to all visitors. Assured to be pleasant place to stay.
Open all year? Yes
Closed in the evening? No specified time.
Price: 50RMB/dorm bed; 150RMB for double room with private bath.
Directions: On right side of road if coming from south directly above the supply store operated by a group of Tibetan nuns (across the street from the major side road). Enter from front of building. Hotel on third and fourth floors; restaurant and tea room on second floor.
Contact Person: Nyiga / ཉི་དགའ, Lhakar / ལྷ་དཀར, Pelchen / དཔལ་ཆེན།
Languages: Chinese, Tibetan, English. Pelchen knows a little French.
Phone number: 13158406585 (Nyiga), (0836) 888 9689 (Lhakar), (0836) 888 2885 (both Nyiga and Lhakar), 13096260980 (Pelchen)

Snowland Guesthouse

Lhagang Grassland Hotel

Name (Tibetan): ལྷ་སྒང་རྩྭ་ཐང་གི་མགྲོན་ཁང་ཆེན་མོ།
Name (English): Lhagang Grassland Hotel
Name (Chinese): 塔公草原大酒店 Tagong Caoyuan Dajiudian
Description (English): Tibetan owned hotel with modern style rooms. Currently under renovation which is slated to be finished by late 2007. After renovation and the completion of new construction, rooms will have more ammenities, including several rooms with private baths. Building now hosts a Chinese style restaurant, tea house, pool hall, and a small pharmacy.
Room Description (English): 51 rooms total, though more after construction and renovation is finished. Most rooms have 2 or 3 beds per room. In future, there will be more double rooms. There are 16 new rooms (as of 2009) with TV, attached bathrooms, and heaters.
Shower: In rooms over the restaurant and tea house, there will be a shared shower after the renovation is completed in mid/late 2007.
Toilet: Yes, shared. New building will have private toilet and shower.
Restaurant? Yes. Chinese style cuisine on first floor of building.
Amenities: Tibetan bar and restaurant under construction.
Other: Parking in back of building. In addition to the renovation of the main building, a new building with full-featured, modern style rooms (including full bath, TVs, etc.) is being constructed behind the current hotel. Tentative plans for a Tibetan style restaurant/bar/coffee house and garden were also reported. Can hike up small hill behind for great views.
Open all year? Yes
Closed in the evening? No time specified.
Price: 30RMB/bed; 150 RMB/bed for new rooms.
Directions: About 1/3rd way through town on the right if coming from south. Hotel is entered from the back - either through the restaurant or through a separate door which passes under the 2nd floor tea house. Look for the restaurant and tea house with the large glass windows.
Contact Person: Nyima Gyeltse / ཉི་མ་རྒྱལ་མཚན།
Languages: Tibetan, Chinese
Phone number: (0836) 286 7888; 15082300999