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The Thirteenth Dalai Lama at Wutai Shan
Elliot Sperling, Indiana University
JIATS, no. 6 (December 2011), THL #T5720, pp. 389-410
Glossary (pp. 404-408)


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Note: The glossary is organized into sections according to the main language of each entry. The first section contains Tibetan words organized in Tibetan alphabetical order. To jump to the entries that begin with a particular Tibetan root letter, click on that letter below. Columns of information for all entries are listed in this order: THL Extended Wylie transliteration of the term, THL Phonetic rendering of the term, the English translation, the Sanskrit equivalent, the Chinese equivalent, other equivalents such as Mongolian or Latin, and the type of term. To view the glossary sorted by any one of these rubrics, click on the corresponding label (such as “Phonetics”) at the top of its column.

Ka | Kha | Ga | Nga | Ca | Ta | Tha | Da | Na | Pha | Ba | Ma | Tsha | Zha | Ha | Sanskrit | Chinese | Other
Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
sku ’bum Kumbum    Monastery 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
kha btags khatak    Term 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
gangs ljongs lo rgyus thog gi grags can mi sna Gangjong Logyü Tokgi Drakchen MinaFamous Historical Personages of the Land of Snows    Text 
rgya dpon GyapönChina[-posted?] officer    Term 
sgo mang Gomang    Monastic college 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
ngo mtshar rin po che’i phreng ba Ngotsar Rinpoché TrengwaA Garland of Precious Miracles    Text 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
lcangs skya rol pa’i rdo rje Changja Rölpé Dorjé    Person 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
bstan pa chos ’phel Tenpa Chömpel    Person 
bstan ’dzin chos grags Tendzin Chödrak    Author 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
than cing Tenching  Tianjin  (天津) Place 
thub bstan byams pa tshul khrims bstan ’dzin Tupten Jampa Tsültrim Tendzin    Author 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
don grub dbang ’bum Döndrup Wangbum  Danzhu Angben  (丹珠昂奔) Author 

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don rdor Döndor    Author 
’dul ba mkhan po Dülwa Khenpo    Person 
rde go DegoGerman  Deguo  (德國) Ethnicity 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
nang blon nanglönInner Minister    Term 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
phu gsar steng Pusar Teng  Pusa Ding  (菩薩頂) Building 
phur lcog yongs ’dzin thub bstan byams pa tshul khrims bstan ’dzin Purchok Yongdzin Tupten Jampa Tsültrim Tendzin    Person 
phyag dbang chakwangtouch of the head    Term 
’phags pa ’jig rten dbang phyug gi rnam sprul rim byon gyi ’khrungs rabs deb ther nor bu’i phreng ba Pakpa Jikten Wangchukgi Namtrül Rimjöngyi Trungrap Depter Norbü TrengwaThe Jewel Garland Annals: The Successive Incarnations of Āryalokeśvara    Title collection 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
bras spungs Drepung    Monastery 
blo bstan Lopten    Person 
blo bzang bstan ’dzin Lozang Tendzin    Person 
rba yer bla ma Bayer Lama    Person 
sba yer mkhan po Bayer Khenpo    Person 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
mig go’i pi cing chin khral Mikgö Piching chintrelAmerican qinchai (“imperial commissioner;” that is, the ambassador) stationed in Beijing  Meiguo Beijing qinchai  (美國北京欽差) Term 
dmag dpon makpönmilitary officer    Term 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
zhing mchog ri bo dwangs bsil gyi gnas bshad dad pa’i padmo rgyas byed ngo mtshar nyi ma’i snang ba Zhingchok Riwo Dangsilgyi Neshé Depé Pemo Gyejé Ngotsar Nyimé NangwaThe Miraculous Sunlight That Opens up the Lotus of Faith: A Guide to the Holy Region of the Clear Cool Mountain    Text 

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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
hong se Hongsé  Huangsi  Person 
lha sa Lhasa    Place 
lhar bcas srid zhi’i gtsug rgyan gong sa rgyal ba’i dbang po bka’ drin mtshungs med sku phreng bcu gsum pa chen po’i rnam par thar pa rgya mtsho lta bu las mdo tsam brjod pa ngo mtshar rin po che’i phreng ba Lharché Sizhi Tsukgyen Gongsa Gyelwé Wangpo Kadrin Tsungmé Kutreng Chuksumpa Chenpö Nampar Tarpa Gyamtso Tabulé Dotsam Jöpa Ngotsar Rinpoché TrengwaA Garland of Precious Miracles: A Brief Elucidation drawn from the Oceanic Biography of the Crown of Samsara and Nirvana, and of Gods, His Holiness, the Matchlessly Kind Great Thirteenth Dalai Lama    Text 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
  Avalokitésvara   Buddhist deity 
  Gŗdhrakūța   Place 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
 Peking  Beijing  Place 
   Datong  Place 
 Chronicle of the Genealogy of the Dalai Lama and Bainqen Erdeni  Libei Dalai Lama yu Banchen E’erdeni nianpu  (历辈达赖喇嘛与班禅额尔德尼年谱) Text 
   Lingjiu Feng  (靈鷲峰) Place 
   Nianpu  Text 
   Pusa  Building 
 imperial commissioner  qinchai  Term 
 lodging palace  qingong  (寝宫) Term 
   Qing  Dynasty 
 Yearly Tables of Chinese and Foreign Ambassadors and Consular Personnel of the Late Qing  Qingji Zhongwai shiling nianbiao  (清季中外使領年表) Text 
 Selected Archival Historical Materials on the Thirteenth Dalai Lama during the Late Qing  Qingmo Shisan shi Dalai Lama dang’an shiliao xuanbian  Text 
   Taiyuanfu  Place 
   Takulan  Place 

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   Wang Fanglin  Person 
   Weng  Person 
   Wutai Shan  Mountain 
 Office of Foreign Affairs  Yangwuju  (洋務局) Organization 
   Zhongguo diyi lishi dang’anguan  Organization 
   Zhongguo Zangxue yanjiu zhongxin  Organization 
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Extended WyliePhoneticsEnglishSanskritChineseOtherType
    Buriat (mon.) Ethnicity 
    Jasagh Lama (mon.) Person 
    Jebdzundamba Khutughtu (mon.) Person 

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Elliot Sperling, “The Thirteenth Dalai Lama at Wutai Shan: Exile and Diplomacy,” Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, no. 6 (December 2011): 389-410, http://www.thlib.org?tid=T5720 (accessed ).

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