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by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
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General site characteristics

Pelmo DoringDpal mo rdo phur is located on the southwest side of the Uru Tso’U ru mtsho basin, about 2 km south of Luma KarmoLu ma dkar mo, a drokpa’brog pa settlement and high volume springs.239 The site is bound in the south by a light-colored limestone range. The highest and nearest peak in this range is called ChakhrangLcags hrang (sp.?). This peak also appears to be known as DoringRdo ring. To the north of the site there is a huge marshy area fed by the springs of Luma KarmoLu ma dkar mo (White Springs). The broadest views from the site are in the east and north (where Uru Tso’U ru mtsho is visible). Pelmo DoringDpal mo rdo phur was founded on well-drained moderately sloping gravelly and grassy terrain. This important necropolis can be divided into three sectors: upper/south (four complexes of funerary enclosures), central (two pillar complexes and two large enclosures) and lower/north (two tumuli and two enclosures). The structures of Pelmo DoringDpal mo rdo phur (except for the pillars) are primarily constructed of uncut pieces of blue limestone of variable length (up to 80 cm long). Red limestone and white limestone are also represented in the various constructions. Many of the major elements of Pelmo DoringDpal mo rdo phur are aligned in the cardinal directions.


[239] For the 2000 survey of this site, see Bellezza, Antiquities of Upper Tibet, 107, 108.

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