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by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
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Site elements


The enclosure is highly fragmentary, obscured by rubble and slightly elevated above the surrounding terrain. Aligned in the cardinal directions, the enclosure measures 6.2 m (north-south) by 12.7 m (east-west). The perimeter walls are around 60 cm thick and contain stones primarily 15 cm to 40 cm in length. These stones of various colors are even with the ground surface or project as much as 15 cm above it.


The five pillars of Mertum ChukmoMer btum phyug mo are made of a gray stone that has weathered to a reddish color. From south to north, these pillars have the following dimensions and characteristics:

  1. Long-stone DR1: tabular, broken (35 cm [height] by 85 cm [basal girth]).
  2. Long-stone DR2: four-sided (1.75 m by 1.45 m). Its central placement in the enclosure and large size indicate that this was the main pillar of the site.
  3. Long-stone DR3: four-sided (1 m by 1 m).
  4. Long-stone DR4: tabular (1 m by 1.1 m).
  5. Long-stone DR5: irregularly shaped (85 cm by 1 m).

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