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by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
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General site characteristics

Mertum Chukmo DoringMer btum phyug mo rdo ring is located on the outskirts of the pastoral village of Mertum ChukmoMer btum phyug mo.238 The terrain slopes gently down in an easterly direction. The ground is sandy with some turf and rock cover. The site consists of five pillars erected inside an enclosure. The presence of funerary structures (enclosures, bangsobang so) in the proximate type II.1b sites of Omatsé Doring’O ma tshe rdo ring (C-117) and Mertum Pima DoringMer btum pis ma rdo ring (C-64), suggests that Mertum Chukmo DoringMer btum phyug mo rdo ring had such facilities as well. If so, all traces have disappeared with the development of Mertum ChukmoMer btum phyug mo village over the last two decades. The concentration of three sites of the same typology within a 10 km radius indicates that this was an important ancient funerary region in KyanghrangRkyang hrang.


[238] For details of the 1997 survey, see Bellezza, Antiquities of Northern Tibet, 227.

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