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by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
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Site elements

Outlying funerary structure

A funerary mound is situated 24 m north of the walled pillars of Shakgang Topo DoringShag gang mtho po rdo ring.237 This structure is aligned in the cardinal directions and measures 10.2 m (east-west) by 9.4 m (east-west). It is elevated about 70 cm above the surrounding well-drained rock-strewn terrain. This mound has double-course perimeter walls (70 cm to 90 cm thick). The tumulus is also divided into four parts by walls (50 cm to 70 cm thick) that form a cruciform pattern on top of the structure. These walls are composed of uncut sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of many different colors (10 cm to 30 cm long). These stones are flush with the ground surface or slightly project above it. The mound is covered in much rubble, obscuring its design characteristics.


[237] For the 1999 CCE survey of this site, see Bellezza, Antiquities of Northern Tibet, 169, 170.

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