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by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
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General site characteristics

TrizhungKhri gzhung is situated near the base of a towering limestone escarpment that rises above an uninhabited stretch of the Chu ChammarChu lcam dmar valley.236 With its high volume springs and sheltering limestone hill, TrizhungKhri gzhung was an ideal location for ancient settlement. Much of the surrounding area is comprised of vast plains, enhancing the habitational and defensive value of the site. Despite these natural endowments, TrizhungKhri gzhung has laid abandoned for a very long period of time. The residuum of the site is concentrated in a south-facing amphitheater and consists of a fairly dense agglomeration of poorly preserved ramparts and building foundations. All parts of the site are accessible along trails that were cut into the limestone formation, which obviated the need to descend to the valley below in order to access the various installations. A random-rubble (lightly mud-mortared?) texture of uncut variable-length pieces of limestone constitutes the basic wall type. The manima ṇi mantra has been carved in large letters at various places in the soft limestone formation, probably in an apparent attempt to place TrizhungKhri gzhung under the auspices of Buddhism.


[236] For the 2000 survey of this site, see Bellezza, Antiquities of Upper Tibet, 76, 77.

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