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by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
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Site elements

From east to west, the cubic tombs of Tsamé Gösa MöndurRtswa med god sa mon dur have the following dimensions and characteristics.

  1. Funerary structure FS1: (1.8 m by 2.2 m by 50 cm [height]).
  2. Funerary structure FS2: (3 m by 2.3 m by 1.2 m). The base of the central depository (reliquary) is intact (1 m by 50 cm by 50 cm [deep]). The central depository is partially filled with earth and stones.
  3. Funerary structure FS3: (2.4 m by 2.8 m by 70 cm).
  4. Funerary structure FS4: (3 m by 2.4 m by 1 m). Its central depository has been gutted.
  5. Funerary structure FS5: 2.3 m by 2.4 m by 1. 2m). A small portion of its central depository is intact.
  6. Funerary structure FS6: (2 m by 2 m by 60 cm). FS6 is situated roughly 100 m east of FS5.
  7. Funerary structure FS7 (1.9 m by 2 m by 40 cm).
  8. On the steep, south flanks of the ridge, below the funerary site, a lone animal petroglyph was documented. Dating to the prehistoric epoch, this animal composition resembling a butting yak was carved on a piece of talus.

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