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by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
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General site characteristics

KyelungSkye lung and LungsumLung gsum are located on shelves that form in front of the mouths of eponymous valleys.245 The site is situated on the foot of the Nyenchen TanglhaGnyan chen thang lha range and overlooks the Dam’Dam basin. This geographic situation is paralleled in a number of ceremonial and residential archaeological sites located in Damzhung’Dam gzhung. The shelves of KyelungSkye lung and LungsumLung gsum were carefully terraced as would befit an important site. The roots of long stone retaining walls demarcating each of these terraces are still visible. In addition to this terracing, the upper sector of the site hosts a diverse collection of structures. While there is at least one funerary mound among them (Funerary structure FS3), the identity of most of these structures could not be determined. The morphological complexity of the upper sector seems to indicate that it developed over a long period of time in both the archaic and lamaist eras. There are three crudely carved red sandstone manima ṇi plaques in the upper sector. The lower sector of KyelungSkye lung and LungsumLung gsum is comprised of a compact unit of what appears to be the remains of substantial residential structures. If indeed the lower sector was a residential site destroyed by the Jungarjun gar, Buddhist monuments would almost certainly have been founded in the vicinity prior to this event.


[245] For the 1999 survey of this site, see Bellezza, Antiquities of Northern Tibet, 131, 132.

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