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by John Vincent Bellezza
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Oral tradition

According to some local sources, Towo MarhrangTho bo dmar hrang was constructed by the ancient MönMon. The name of the region, MöntserMon ’tsher, translates as “Abandoned by the MönMon.” This appellation is derived from a local belief that in the distant past there were many MönMon residing here, but, at some point in time, they completely disappeared from the region. The monks of PretapuriPre ta pu ri note that the pillars found on the site may demarcate the extent and influence of a local earth dwelling spirit (sadaksa bdag). This belief is inspired by earth piercing instruments (like the Purpaphur pa) used in rituals to control the sadaksa bdag, which have as their parallel, the earth penetrating pillars. There is also a folktale, in circulation in the region, regarding Towo MarhrangTho bo dmar hrang: a long time ago a beer (changchang) making operation in PretapuriPre ta pu ri ran out of yeast. Yeast was sent for from PurangSpu rang. En route from PurangSpu rang the horse transporting the yeast dropped dead at Towo MarhrangTho bo dmar hrang and was buried there. It is said that a saddle and the corpse of a horse, once unearthed from the site, were the subjects of this folktale. This reported discovery suggests that funerary ritual sacrifices of horses were carried out at this necropolis.


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