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II.3. Cubic mountaintop tombs

Drakrel ChokBrag ral lcog

Basic site data

  • Site name: Drakrel ChokBrag ral lcog
  • Site number: E-14
  • Site typology: II.3
  • Elevation: 4950 m to 4960 m
  • Administrative location (township): ZhungpaGzhung pa
  • Administrative location (county): GegyéDge rgyas
  • Survey expedition: UTAE
  • Survey date: May 20, 2001
  • Contemporary usage: Light grazing.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: None.
  • Maps: UTRS VI, HAS A2
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General site characteristics

On the mesa-like flat summit of Drakrel ChokBrag ral lcog there are the remains of three or four cubic tombs. This summit directly overlooks the Dri Jiu’Bri byi’u valley. The Drakrel ChokBrag ral lcog summit is open in all directions except in the south, where the view is more confined. Steep slopes on the west side of the mountain drop down more than 200 m vertical to the valley below. At the north foot of Drakrel ChokBrag ral lcog there is the archaeological site of Membar DoringMe ’bar rdo ring (C-78). The cubic tombs are made of locally occurring reddish volcanic slabs (primarily 20 cm to 50 cm long).

Oral tradition

In this region (ZhungpaGzhung pa), sites such as Drakrel ChokBrag ral lcog are generally attributed to the ancient MönMon.

Site elements

North summit

In the middle of the north side of the summit, in close proximity to two small cairns, there is the lower portion of a cubic tomb (1.5 m by 2 m by 20 cm [height]). Nearby are the possible remains of another specimen, but it is now so dissolute that a positive identification could not be made.

South summit

On the south side of the summit there is a much better preserved cubic tomb (51.648΄ / 48.685΄ / 4950 m). This specimen measures 2.3 m by 2.5 m by 1.5 m. Although the exterior portion of the east side of the structure has collapsed, much of the top portion and central depository appear to be intact. It seems that a retaining wall was built along the south side of the cubic tomb. The foundation of a smaller cubic tomb (up to 50 cm in height) is situated 2.5 m away.

Affiliated sites

There is reported to be a cubic tomb on the summit of a reddish ridge, across a small basin to the east of Drakrel ChokBrag ral lcog.


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