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II.3. Cubic mountaintop tombs

Tsokgi MöndurBtsog gi mon dur

Basic site data

  • Site name: Tsokgi MöndurBtsog gi mon dur225
  • English equivalent: MönMon Tombs of Filth
  • Site number: E-28
  • Site typology: II.3
  • Elevation: 4430 m and 4470 m
  • Administrative location (township): RecoRe co
  • Administrative location (county): RutokRu thog
  • Survey expedition: HTAE
  • Survey date: October 3, 2003
  • Contemporary usage: None.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: None.
  • Maps: UTRS I, HAS A1
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General site characteristics

Tsokgi MöndurBtsog gi mon dur is located directly above the lower sector of the NyenlungGnyan lung Valley funerary site of the same name (D-91). There are two cubic tombs on the dragon-back ridgeline that forms the western gateway of the NyenlungGnyan lung Valley. The site appears to have been chosen for its geomantic excellence. The tombs face east and have broad views of the NyenlungGnyan lung Valley, the main valley of RecoRe co and a tributary valley to the north. The cubic tombs of Tsokgi MöndurBtsog gi mon dur form the westernmost extent of this archaeological typology.

Oral tradition

According to residents of RecoRe co, Tsokgi MöndurBtsog gi mon dur are tombs of the ancient MönMon.

Site elements

Funerary Structure FS1

Funerary structure FS1 (1.9 m by 2 m) is the higher elevation cubic tomb of the site. It has a maximum height of 90 cm and has undergone much deformation. FS1 sits on a notch in the rocky ridgeback. It is built in the typical fashion, with slabs up to 1 m in length. Part of its stone- and sand-filled central chamber (reliquary) is visible. Stones have been stacked on top of FS1 for no apparent reason.

Funerary Structure FS2

Funerary structure FS2 (2 m by 2 m) was built on a rock outcrop (29.270΄ / 02.968΄ / 4430 m). It has been reduced to about 1 m in height. However, a superstructure, 60 cm in height, was added to the original base of the structure. This addition is constructed much more crudely than the original cubic tomb and has undergone less subsidence. The structural extension has the appearance of a bumpabum pa and may have been added for religious reasons.


[225] This site may also be called Tsukgi MöndurGtsug gi mon dur (MönMon Tombs of the [Rocky] Crown).

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