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II.2. Superficial structures: Primarily funerary superstructure

KhandokKha ’dogs

Basic site data

  • Site name: KhandokKha ’dogs (sp.?)
  • Site number: D-128
  • Site typology: II.2b
  • Elevation: 4600 m
  • Administrative location (township): LungkarLung dkar
  • Administrative location (county): Drongpa’Brong pa
  • Survey expedition: TILE
  • Survey date: February 19, 2006
  • Contemporary usage: Light grazing.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: None.
  • Maps: UTRS VII, HAS D2
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General site characteristics

KhandokKha ’dogs is located in a grassy and sandy plain on the east side of DaroktsoDa rog mtsho. This site has open vistas in most directions. Due to time limitations and other logistical concerns, only two of the funerary structures of KhandokKha ’dogs could be surveyed. Other funerary structures were spotted spread out across the plain.

Oral tradition

None was collected.

Site elements

Funerary Structure FS1

Funerary structure FS1 (5 m by 5.5 m) is a quadrate enclosure that appears to be aligned in the cardinal directions. It is built above a small watercourse. The entire structure is somewhat elevated above the surrounding plain. It seems to have single-course perimeter walls, but many of the stones have been pulled out of the ground. Some of the extracted stones now sit inside the enclosure. Dark-colored stones, 40 cm to 60 cm in length, which project as much as 30 cm above the surface, were used in construction. There is a double-course slab-wall fragment (3.8 m long) situated 18 m northwest of FS1. The parallel lines of upright slabs (10 cm to 30 cm long) are spaced 30 cm apart from one another. These slabs are level with the ground surface or project slightly above it.

Funerary Structure FS2

Funerary structure FS2 (7 m by 5.6 m), another quadrate enclosure, is situated 105 m north of FS1. This structure is elevated 1 m to 1.5 m above the surrounding plain. Nearly the entire perimeter of FS2 has been dismantled, and many of the stones piled up inside the enclosure. Stones 40 cm to 60 cm in length were used in the construction of FS2.


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