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II.2. Superficial structures: Primarily funerary superstructure

Luma Drak MöndurLu ma brag mon dur

Basic site data

  • Site name: Luma Drak MöndurLu ma brag mon dur
  • English equivalent: Rock Springs MönMon Tombs
  • Site number: D-53
  • Site typology: II.2a, II.2b
  • Elevation: 4650 m
  • Administrative location (township): GanglungGangs lung
  • Administrative location (county): NyimaNyi ma
  • Survey expedition: UTAE
  • Survey date: June 18, 2001
  • Contemporary usage: Light grazing.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: None.
  • Maps: UTRS VIII
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General site characteristics

Luma Drak MöndurLu ma brag mon dur, a network of funerary superstructures, is located near the south side of Drangné TsoSbrang sne mtsho. The site is found on a wide open, grassy plain that gently declines in the direction of Drangné TsoSbrang sne mtsho, a relatively small salt lake. Now reduced to fragmentary walls, Luma Drak MöndurLu ma brag mon dur covers an area of 14 m by 20 m. The site can be divided into north and south sectors. The walls are made of variable length (primarily 30 cm to 70 cm long, maximum length 90 cm) light-colored calcareous blocks and slabs. These stones are level with the ground surface or project above it a maximum of 25 cm.

Oral tradition

None was collected.

Site elements

The north sector of Luma DrakkarLu ma brag dkar is comprised of a dense agglomeration of dissolving single-course walls that appear to have been part of two rows of small enclosures of various configurations. There were perhaps ten enclosures in a row, each of which measured in the vicinity of 1 m by 1.7 m. The south sector appears to consist of one large double-course enclosure subdivided into two or three cells. The north wall is the most intact feature in this enclosure. It is 12 m long and 90 cm thick.

In the vicinity there appears to be a wall remnant of another funerary superstructure (31° 29.845΄ / 87° 23.395΄ / 4660 m). Other minor structural remains may exist at this site.


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