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II.1. Stelae and accompanying structures: Funerary and non-funerary structures

Langchen DopurGlang chen rdo phur

Basic site data

  • Site name: Langchen DopurGlang chen rdo phur
  • English equivalent: Elephant Stone Ritual Dagger
  • Site number: C-35
  • Site typology: II.1a
  • Elevation: 4600 m
  • Administrative location (township): BargaBar ga
  • Administrative location (county): PurangSpu rang
  • Survey expedition: HTCE
  • Survey date: May 8, 2002
  • Contemporary usage: As support for a corral.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: None.
  • Maps: UTRS X, HAS C4
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General site characteristics

The two pillars of Langchen DopurGlang chen rdo phur are located at the south foot of the Jiu KharByi’u mkhar hill (A-82), near the right bank of the Gangga ChuGang ga chu (the outlet between Tso MapamMtsho ma pham and Langa TsoLa lnga mtsho). The terrain is level and gravelly. Corrals have come up all around the site. Reportedly, the two pillars were erected in close proximity to one another. One of the pillars is still strongly anchored in the ground, but broken 40 cm above ground level. This beige specimen is tabular and has a basal girth of 1.4 m. The other well-formed tabular pillar was uprooted and has ended up buttressing the gateway of a corral. This pillar projects 1.4 m above ground level. According to the owner of the corral, it is buried to a depth of 50 cm. Near the original site of the pillars there is a source of sakarsa dkar (calcium carbonate). This white earth is thought to have been a gift of the water spirits (luKlu) to Guru RinpochéGu ru rin po che.

Oral tradition

The destruction of Langchen DopurGlang chen rdo phur appears to have begun in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The pillars are locally considered sacred primordial monuments.


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