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II.1. Stelae and accompanying structures: Funerary and non-funerary structures

Langchen ChewaGlang chen mche ba

Basic site data

  • Site name: Langchen ChewaGlang chen mche ba
  • English equivalent: Elephant Tusk
  • Site number: C-26
  • Site typology: II.1a
  • Elevation: 4640 m
  • Administrative location (township): BargaBar ga
  • Administrative location (county): PurangSpu rang
  • Survey expedition: HTCE
  • Survey date: May 5, 2002
  • Contemporary usage: Light grazing.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: There are manima ṇi walls and other monastic facilities in the proximity.
  • Maps: UTRS VI, UTRS X, HAS C4
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General site characteristics

The isolated pillar of Langchen ChewaGlang chen mche ba is planted in a fold between two hills of J iuByi’u. Both Mapam YutsoMa pham g.yu mtsho and Langa TsoLa lnga mtsho are visible from this site. Other archaic cultural monuments clustered at J iuByi’u, a strategically important location, include Jiu KharByi’u mkhar (A-82), Jiu Singpé KharByi’u sing pa’i mkhar (B-78), Langchen DopurGlang chen rdo phur (C-35), and Jiu MöndoByi’u mon rdo (D-61). The terrain is barren and gently sloping. This unevenly shaped well-worn tabular pillar is 1.6 m in height and has a basal girth of 2.1 m. The two broad sides of the pillar face north and south. The south side of the pillar is red, perhaps from old ochre applications, while the remaining sides are grayish. The pillar is tilted to the north. Although Langchen ChewaGlang chen mche ba is situated in close proximity to a manima ṇi wall and chötenmchod rten, no ritual activity takes place here.

Oral tradition

According to residents of J iuByi’u monastery and village, Langchen ChewaGlang chen mche ba was self manifested and represents the tusk of an elephant.


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