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II.1. Stelae and accompanying structures: Funerary and non-funerary structures

Drangchungwa Bam DoringGrang chung ba bam rdo ring

Basic site data

  • Site name: Drangchungwa Bam DoringGrang chung ba bam rdo ring
  • Site number: C-21
  • Site typology: II.1a
  • Elevation: 4640 m
  • Administrative location (township): LhaktsangLhag tshang
  • Administrative location (county): SagaSa dga’
  • Survey expedition: HTCE
  • Survey date: April 21, 2002
  • Contemporary usage: Light grazing.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: None.
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General site characteristics

Drangchungwa Bam DoringGrang chung ba bam rdo ring, a line of five small pillars, is situated on a broad, moderately inclined, turf-studded sandy slope. The site overlooks the south side of the MenchuSman chu valley and is in a locale known as DubakDus bag (sp.?). The five irregularly shaped and tabular standing stones form a row 1.5 m in length. Originally dark gray in color, these stones have weathered to reddish brown. If there were other structures accompanying the pillars of Drangchungwa Bam DoringGrang chung ba bam rdo ring they have been totally engulfed by the sands.

Oral tradition

According to local sources, Drangchungwa Bam DoringGrang chung ba bam rdo ring is an ancient monument.

Site elements

Except for the most southerly specimen, the five pillars are between 35 cm and 45 cm in height. The broken southerly specimen is 20 cm in height, but originally it was about the same size as its counterparts. Another specimen is tilted at a radical angle.

In close proximity to the row of five standing stones, there is a specimen 55 cm in height. This irregularly shaped and isolated pillar shares the same physical qualities as do those in the pentad.


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