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Antiquities of Zhang Zhung
by John Vincent Bellezza
Edited by Geoffrey Barstow, Mickey Stockwell and Michael White
Tibetan & Himalayan Library
Published under the THL Digital Text License.

I.1. Residential Structures Occupying Summits: Fortresses, breastworks, religious buildings, palaces, and related edifices

Dziden ChungwaBrdzi gdan chung ba

Basic site data

  • Site name: Dziden ChungwaBrdzi gdan chung ba
  • English equivalent: Lesser Scent Block
  • Site number: A-137
  • Site typology: I.1c
  • Elevation: 4880 m
  • Administrative location (township): Götsang MéRgod tshang smad
  • Administrative location (county): GarSgar
  • Survey expedition: THE
  • Survey date: May 25, 2006
  • Contemporary usage: None.
  • Identifiable Buddhist constructions: None.
  • Maps: UTRS V
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General site characteristics

The minor fortifications of Dziden ChungwaBrdzi gdan chung ba are found on a pyramidal limestone mount that divides the upper DzidenBrdzi gdan valley into two branches. This hidden location appears to have been constructed as a defensive refuge against attacks emanating from the valley below. Dziden ChungwaBrdzi gdan chung ba, a place only of local importance, could only have accommodated a relatively small number of personnel. The core of the site consists of three highly dissolute wall fragments. Built at the base of crags, these walls extend for 30 m along the top of a small saddle. They appear to have been a frontline defensive feature for those stationed in the crags above. The random-work dry-stone walls are constructed from uncut chunks of variable-length light-colored limestone. All that remains of the west wall is a small fragment (2 m long, 1.5 m high, 1 m thick). The central wall is 7.5 m long, around 50 cm high and 1.1 m wide. The east wall fragment (4 m long) is highly deteriorated. Above this series of three walls there are tiny traces of other defensive walls in the crags. They reach a maximum height of 80 cm. On the north side of the saddle at the base of the crags there is what appears to be the foundation of a small defensive feature (1.5 m by 1.2). It is situated about 20 m higher than the three main walls.

Oral tradition

Local residents call Dziden ChungwaBrdzi gdan chung ba an ancient MönMon installation.


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